Erin (softballqween45) wrote,

yay for summer

I'm so glad school is out, even though I'll miss all my buds. I graduated on Monday night and then I went to the Sr. Party. I hung out with David Alexander most of the time because neither one of us had our regular group of friends with us. We were bus buddies. Yay! LOL. First we went to this athletic club in like Hillsboro. It was a lot of fun. I got a henna tattoo, gambled, and played on the big blow-up things. I won a free oil change and an Athlete's Corner t-shirt. Woohoo. Big winner here! haha. Then we went on the Portland Spirit at like 4 in the morning. Portland was so pretty and peaceful! There was karaoke on the 1st floor and a dance floor on the 2nd floor. The 3rd level was the deck outside. David and I spent most of our time out there. It was really nice. Of course there was a lot of food throughout the whole trip, so we were both happy. :-D

Tomorrow night I am going with Kyrie to a party at Kim's house. There will be parentals around, so I think that means no alcohol. But I'm sure Kim and Barbara have found some way around that! It will be fun. Those girls are so funny! Then on Saturday night I'm supposed to party at Sueann's house. It's all Ben's idea. He really wants to see me drunk for some reason. No Ben, you aren't getting any action that night from any of us girs. Well, I don't know about Sueann, but definately not from me or Kyrie! Eeeew I just don't have any attraction to him at all. I've heard girls say that they think he's hot, but I really don't think he's even that cute. Ugh, and he's so full of himself and JUDGEMENTAL beyond belief! Oh well, I hope Brian comes on Saturday, as long as he doesn't get up all over Sueann. And if he does, she better push him away.

Well, that's about all that's goin on. Adios.

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