Erin (softballqween45) wrote,

life sucks

Wow, I really should keep up with this journal thing! I hate having to remember all that has happened. There is just too much.

Well, Tolo was last Saturday and I went with David Alexander. The theme was rock star and it was pretty fun.

Brian and I still have a weird type of friendship. Sometimes he'll talk a lot and then sometimes he never talks at all. God, I hate it when he does that. He can be the biggest asshole and then be the funnest guy to be around. He's just like a girl! And I hate it when I can't tell if he's serious or not. ARGH!

Ben and I are in a fight right now. He overreacts all the time! We had one of our midnight talks again two nights ago and we let out a lot, like always. He told me that he's gonna have sex with this girl Stephanie this week probably and I told Randy that I heard that she liked Ben. That's it! Then Randy told Stephanie and she talked to Ben, so now Ben makes it out like I'm telling everyone all of his secrets. So you know what he did? He told Brian a lot of stuff I told him. These are REALLY personal things too; things that he said he wouldn't tell Brian. God damn FKN liar! I HATE YOU! At least Brian is cool about it though. He gives me a hard time, but all in good fun.

But now i'm tired so i'll hopefully remember to update this soon. Adios!

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