Erin (softballqween45) wrote,

I should write more often

It's really hard keeping up with this joural thing. So much has happened -- I don't want to miss anything!

I know that last entry was all happy and things seemed to be going my way, but it is all turned around now. *sigh* Of course, because my life always turns to $hit as soon as it seems to be getting on track. Okay, here's the story:

Brian and I had our little fling (oh, and i never did sneak out) and then we still didn't talk much at school. He said that he didn't want people suspecting anything. Oh no Brian, they might think we're friends!!! Then he randomly bitched me out online for some unknown reason and told me to leave him alone and never talk to him. I talked to Chris Larson about it, and he talked to Brian. Apparantly, Brian told him that he was tired of being the one to initiate the conversation. He wants me to come up to him and talk. That's such BS, because I'm always the one who talks to him first! Plus, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of him telling me to STOP talking to him? Grr, he's so confusing sometimes! So we didn't talk at all for probably 3 days. It was bad. He purpoely avoided me whenever he could. He was really fkn pissing me off!! I had no idea why he was mad, except for that bs he told Chris. And then one day I said hi to him online (I was afraid of his response), and he acted like nothing had happened. I asked him why he was acting like hat on the internet and he said that he was just having a bad day. Whatever! That's no reason to get pissed at me! Fkr!

But now we're on good terms again. He actually called me just to talk about random stuff. It's nice to have our regular friendship back. OH SHOOT, I FORGOT SOMETHING!! Before this whole thing happened, I got in a fight wih Brian online. It's all Cody's fault (a frosh drummer). He told Bian that I want to go out with him and then Brian told me that he liked me as a friend. And then I got pissed because Brian fkn used me like a piece of meat. This was the first time that I had my heart broken. Seriously, I liked him so much and he knew it. He used my feelings for his own advantage. I hate boys sometimes! I basically told him that nothing was gonna happen between us anymore because I don't play that game. I'm not sleezy, nor will I let him make me that way. He's the guy I've done the most with and vice versa. I told him that he should have just told me that he wanted to be friends with benefits. It would have made things a lot easier for both of us.

Okay now I'm in a crappy mood -- time to move on.

I got asked to Winter Formal yesterday! Matt Halldorson asked me. I only like him as a friend, so I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea. I'm pretty sure he doesn't, but you never know...

I saw the movie "Drumline' today with Josh Pruitt. It was actually pretty good. It didn't deface marching bad at all. YAY! I really like hanging out with Josh. He'sone of my best guy friends. Oh $hit, this is how it started with Brian. NO ERIN, NO!!

Well I'm tired. Adios!

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