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It's Been A While...

Wow, it's been almost six years since I've been on this website. It's amazing how different my life is now. I got married in 2010 to Justin, who I met at Lejeune shortly after we got back from Iraq in 05. He was just checking in at the band hall when we came home but I was too distracted with Danny to notice him or anyone at that time. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2007 and Justin got out in 2008. We lived in Sacramento for a year while he went to Wyotech then we moved here to Vancouver in 2009. I work at a daycare and Brazil Grill while Justin is a mechanic at Just Right Auto Repair. I am working on finishing my prerequisites for nursing school at Clark and hopefully I'll be a pediatric nurse eventually. I need to make more money and get the fuck out of the daycare.

Justin and I bought a house in February and there are a lot of projects to be done. We cut down trees, so Justin has been outside with a chainsaw whenever the weather is nice and he's been working on cutting up all the trees. I've almost got my craft room completely set up and once I do, hopefully I can come up with some things to sew that I can sell. maybe I can have a home-based business someday. That would be awesome. We've been trying to get pregnant so we can start a family. I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago and that was rough. I was supposed to be 10 1/2 weeks along but was only measuring at 4 weeks 6 days. So I walked around for almost six weeks without realizing that our baby wasn't growing and had died. It's a very common thing, especially with first pregnancies, but it was still devastating. Hopefully we can get pregnant again soon and have a healthy baby within the next year.

Time to hit the sack now. We have poker night tomorrow.
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