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rifle range

Well I officially suck at shooting now. I shot a 34 today - one friggin' point away from being sharpshooter!! I have definately degressed since boot camp. It sucks. It was sooooo cold this week too. Damn. I was actually laying in frost while I was shooting. We can't wear a glove on our shooting hand, so it was completely frozen during the 200 yard line slow fire. It was really hard to plot my shots in my book. Today it didn't feel quite as bad as yesterday, but it was still freezin ass cold outside!!

I got paid my comrats backpay this last paycheck, and it was almost $2,000!! Alright, now I have some Christmas shopping money! I went to dinner with Brown, Lopez and Grant to this mexican restaurant and ate way too much. But it was soooo delicious!
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