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Rifle Range

Well Nick and I are completely done talking to each other I think. He is being totally rediculous about everything and getting all pissed off because I slept in the same chair as Lopez. God knows how he would react if I told him more about how that weekend went. I really have no desire to remain friends with him at all because he is a backstabbing, childish, uncooperative asshole. I just don't give a fuck anymore about him. He can burn in hell.

I'm on the rifle range this week and it has been SOOOOOOOOOOO cold, it's rediculous. First of all, it sucks ass that we have to be at Stone Bay by 0530 and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. Yesterday I had to be the DNCO when I got back, so it was an extra long day. At 0520 this morning it was 30 degrees outside. 30 DEGREES!! That wasn't even the coldest it would get, because there was still like an hour or so until the sun came up. Keith and I had our cameras with us, so we were taking some pictures of our little posse. There is a really cool one of the two of us freezing our asses off. The sun is beginning to rise in the background and we're standing there with layers and layers of cold weather gear on. I was wearing my neck gator, and there was frost forming on it from my breath. Tomorrow it's supposed to be like 10 degrees colder, so I really can't imagine how much it's going to suck. I'm gonna wear as many layers as I possibly can in order to prevent myself from getting hypothermia. Apparantly a few weeks ago there were like four people who got hypothermia because they had to lay on the freezing ground. Pulling pits is a real bitch when the grease is practically frozen!
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