Erin (softballqween45) wrote,

Evansville, IN

Well we went on a TAD trip to Evansville, IN from Thursday the 24th 'til Sunday the 27th and it was pretty fun. We had a little opening ceremony concert on Friday morning, a bigger concert that evening, and a little 1.5 mile parade on Saturday at around 5:00 PM. The concert Friday night kicked some major ass, I'll tell you what! We had a lot of liberty time and I took full advantage of that. On Thursday night pretty much the entire band went down to the riverwalk to go to this club called Fast Eddies, but it turns out that you have to be 21 to get in there. So that was a no-go for some of us. We had to go back to the hotel, but even some of the over-aged people came back too, luckily for me. The Enlisted Conductor (SSgt Daniel) and the temporary Plattoon Sergeant (Sgt Schwartz) had me come with them to the bar/lounge in the hotel. So I'm sittin' there shootin' the shit with a couple of guys and the bartender is servin' me almaretto sours (or somtheing like that), which were really really good. By the time we left the bar, they were a bit wasted, but we went up to room 427 anyway - that's the "hospitality" room where all the free food and drinks are, including alcholic beverages. So they wanted free beer and I wanted food. It's actually three hotel rooms (423, 425, & 427), but 427 is where the poker games go on. So we went in there and I watched them play poker until 3:00 AM, when we finally went to bed.
Friday night was spent in 427 again, but our night lasted way longer because we didn't have to get up early on Saturday. So I was in there with Sgt Schwartz, Cpl Horenik, and Cpl Hurst. They played poker until about 3:30 AM and then we decided that we wanted to go swimming, or at least down to the hot tub. We went down there only to discover that it didn't open until 6:00. So we went to Cpl Hurst and Cpl Horenik's room, which was like 128 I think. Sgt Schwart taught us how to play Black Jack and I was kickin' some ass, but unfortunately we weren't playing with money or anything. :( Then we went in the hot tub at six and eventually we all fell asleep sprawled out everywhere and some lady came by sometime and asked us if we were okay and if we needed to call 911. I was asleep, so I didn't know it happened until Sgt Schwartz told me about it. Then we went to our rooms at about 8:00 AM.
On Saturday night we were going to go to the casino, but then we realized that you have to be 21 for that too. (Man, I'm never gonna get a friggin' break!) So once again, our night was spent in 427. LOL. But I was duty driver and had to leave a couple of times. We stayed up there until 9:15 the next morning so that we could pack our stuff and be ready for muster at 9:45. None of us slept until we got on the plane at around 12 or so. It was the same four again, with the addition of Cpl Gaxiola, Sgt Tafolla, and Cpl Martin for half of the night. Cpl Moreno and Lcpl Catinella were in and out of the room. It was another really fun night, even though all I did was watch them play poker. We also played this word game where we take turns saying a word and it has to either rhyme or be related to the previous word. Wow, that was VERY interesting.
The strangest part of this whole weekend was the fact that I sat by Sgt Schwartz pretty much the entire time we were in room 427, and I know if Nick found out then he would be INCREDIBLY jealous and freak out on me, which I can't stand. Sgt Schwartz said that I was by far the coolest boot (new person) there, which was really somethin' coming from him. So yeah, I have a few new friendships with some of my fellow bandsman/Marines, but the most important one is with Sgt Schwartz.
I got to my room here in the barracks about 6 PM because I'm on the stupid loading crew, and I slept until 6 this morning, which kinda makes up for my loss of sleep on Saturday night. Over all, this trip kicked ass!
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