Erin (softballqween45) wrote,

1 week!

I went to the Mariner game today and the blew a 6-2 lead over San Diego and ended up losing 8-6. The Padres scored 6 runs in the 9th!! Stupid stupid stupid. It was still a lot of fun though. I like baseball pants! :-D

Friday night was my last day of work and I'm really gonna miss my co-workers. I luv Ashley and Davey so much and it sucks cuz I just got to be close friends with them. Grrrr. I wish I wasn't leaving til like next spring! OMG, 1 week from now I'll be staying in a hotel, preparing to go to MEPS the next day. Sheesh. So anway, my last day of work... Josh was like, "man, we never hd sex. All those missed opportunities." I was just like, "yep." Man, him and Chris are always hitting on me. Granted, Chris IS a hotty but he's USED. Davey and I flirt the most out of the whole lot. We always hit each other and crack sexual jokes. It's fun!

On Saturday I had to work at a garage sale all day, along with some of the other recruits. It was me, Winkle, Phelps (Braden), and....God, I can't remember the other guy's name!......crap, oh well. Talk about sexual innuendos! It took me a while to get comfortable enough around them to bring out my rebel child, but it finally came out when just me and Braden were there. The other two went to dump some stuff at Goodwill. Even though it was incredibly hot, I still had a pretty good time making conversation with the recruits. I'm the next one to leave!

Well that's enough for right now. Adios!

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