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Ben and stuff

Yes, Ben and I are still not speaking to each other. I can't stand how immature he is about this. When I get in fights with people, I'm usually over it by the next day. Why can't he be the same?? Jeez -- Get over it already!!!!!!!!

Soooo wanna know something funny? There is an eighth grader (well actually, two) who helps move props at the drum show and he is in love with me. It's soooo cute, but not cu at the same time. Umm he's a weeeeeeeee bit too young for me. LOL. It's kinda funny though. He and Claudio were arguing over who was gonna sit by me on the bus. I was like "I'm sittingwith Krie......" But I ended up getting squished between them. Hahaha. so yeah, this boy was trying to put the moves on me. It was hilarious. But it made me feel important. LOL. Ahhh it makes me laugh. Sorry kid, maybe in a few years!!

We won our first softball game yesterday against St. Marys. I even got a base hit. WOOHOO! We won 5-0. t was freezing and raining, but hey, a win's a win!

So I gotta get ready for drum practice now. Talk later. Adios!

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