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Evergreen won Championships - what a surprise! Ugh, it pisses me off so much. They aren't really that good. We got fourth in prelims and second in finals, so I'm proud of that. But still, I wish it would have been anyone else besides Evergreen. Just what they need - something else to boast about. Grr. But hey, we beat Grant's Pass!

Besides the rain and cod weather, I had a really good time. Brian sat by me on the way to the mall for dinner and on the way home. We shared my blanket....that's all that needs to be said. ;)

New subject ~*~
All of us seniors went over to Matt Hallderson's house today and watched all of the shows from the past three years. It was hilarious to see how bad we were freshmen year. Oh wow! *shudder* But we all ha a really good time. It was fun.

And now I'm off to choir practice so I'll write later. Adios!

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