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It's Been A While... [13 Apr 2012|11:46pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Wow, it's been almost six years since I've been on this website. It's amazing how different my life is now. I got married in 2010 to Justin, who I met at Lejeune shortly after we got back from Iraq in 05. He was just checking in at the band hall when we came home but I was too distracted with Danny to notice him or anyone at that time. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2007 and Justin got out in 2008. We lived in Sacramento for a year while he went to Wyotech then we moved here to Vancouver in 2009. I work at a daycare and Brazil Grill while Justin is a mechanic at Just Right Auto Repair. I am working on finishing my prerequisites for nursing school at Clark and hopefully I'll be a pediatric nurse eventually. I need to make more money and get the fuck out of the daycare.

Justin and I bought a house in February and there are a lot of projects to be done. We cut down trees, so Justin has been outside with a chainsaw whenever the weather is nice and he's been working on cutting up all the trees. I've almost got my craft room completely set up and once I do, hopefully I can come up with some things to sew that I can sell. maybe I can have a home-based business someday. That would be awesome. We've been trying to get pregnant so we can start a family. I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago and that was rough. I was supposed to be 10 1/2 weeks along but was only measuring at 4 weeks 6 days. So I walked around for almost six weeks without realizing that our baby wasn't growing and had died. It's a very common thing, especially with first pregnancies, but it was still devastating. Hopefully we can get pregnant again soon and have a healthy baby within the next year.

Time to hit the sack now. We have poker night tomorrow.

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Iraq [07 Aug 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I've been in Iraq since Valentine's Day of this year and I'll be heading home pretty soon. This deployment has helped me realize who my friends really are and I have gotten myself into a friendship that is going into a great direction. I've spent almost all of my free time with him since the day we got here and things have really taken off. We know each other very well now and can spend hours and hours with each other just talking, joking, flirting, or just sitting and doing nothing. Just being in his presence is good enough for me. I can't wait to go home and see what happens between us.

I spent all of July in Fallujah searching female Iraqis as they came into the city. They were almost all disgusting and smelly, but it was an experience that hardly anyone else does. I have a lot of good memories and stories to tell from it, even if that's all I got out of it. It was definately a much needed break from the guard force life here on Blue Diamond, but I really missed my friends (especially Danny) while I was over there. Luckily I had Comly there to keep me entertained. We took a lot of pictures and made plenty of silly videos while we were on post and chillin' in the trailers back on the base. I did meet a few cool people while I was out there also.

Being in Iraq has really changed my perspective on a lot of things, but especially on how well we have it in America. We don't realize as Americans how much worse life could be.

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home on leave [25 Dec 2004|10:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I've been home for a week and it's been awesome. I surprised my parents at the Grotto and the look on my mom's face was priceless! I am soooo good. :-D

So far I've spent an evening with the girls (Kyrie, Janna, Ashlie), gone to drum practice and played top bass, played poker with Drew, Ralf, Gordon, Cory Peck, and Ben (a drummer from Cali who is pretty hot), gone bowling with Ralf, Drew, Gordon, Ben, and Cory Cole, spent Christmas Eve at Heather's with the fam, and opened Christmas presents this morning! My brother bought me an NCO sword - I was so shocked! I got an ipod, a leatherman, a watch, and a digital camera - all the things I asked for. I got some other things too, but those were the most awesome. :)

I'm not sure what I'm doing for New Years yet. Nick said that we'll probably hang out with Drew and Matt, which is definately fine with me! Maybe Ben will be there because we're "hanging out" sometime before I go back to Lejeune. I know, I know - I'm a horrible person. Well get over it because I'm single and he's really hot and 18ish. ;)

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rifle range [16 Dec 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | full ]

Well I officially suck at shooting now. I shot a 34 today - one friggin' point away from being sharpshooter!! I have definately degressed since boot camp. It sucks. It was sooooo cold this week too. Damn. I was actually laying in frost while I was shooting. We can't wear a glove on our shooting hand, so it was completely frozen during the 200 yard line slow fire. It was really hard to plot my shots in my book. Today it didn't feel quite as bad as yesterday, but it was still freezin ass cold outside!!

I got paid my comrats backpay this last paycheck, and it was almost $2,000!! Alright, now I have some Christmas shopping money! I went to dinner with Brown, Lopez and Grant to this mexican restaurant and ate way too much. But it was soooo delicious!

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Rifle Range [14 Dec 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well Nick and I are completely done talking to each other I think. He is being totally rediculous about everything and getting all pissed off because I slept in the same chair as Lopez. God knows how he would react if I told him more about how that weekend went. I really have no desire to remain friends with him at all because he is a backstabbing, childish, uncooperative asshole. I just don't give a fuck anymore about him. He can burn in hell.

I'm on the rifle range this week and it has been SOOOOOOOOOOO cold, it's rediculous. First of all, it sucks ass that we have to be at Stone Bay by 0530 and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. Yesterday I had to be the DNCO when I got back, so it was an extra long day. At 0520 this morning it was 30 degrees outside. 30 DEGREES!! That wasn't even the coldest it would get, because there was still like an hour or so until the sun came up. Keith and I had our cameras with us, so we were taking some pictures of our little posse. There is a really cool one of the two of us freezing our asses off. The sun is beginning to rise in the background and we're standing there with layers and layers of cold weather gear on. I was wearing my neck gator, and there was frost forming on it from my breath. Tomorrow it's supposed to be like 10 degrees colder, so I really can't imagine how much it's going to suck. I'm gonna wear as many layers as I possibly can in order to prevent myself from getting hypothermia. Apparantly a few weeks ago there were like four people who got hypothermia because they had to lay on the freezing ground. Pulling pits is a real bitch when the grease is practically frozen!

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new beginnings [06 Dec 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Well, Nick and I broke up about a week and a half ago. For the first few days I was completely torn apart. I thought that I would never get through it. But thanks to my family and friends, I've come to realize that I am better off without him as my boyfriend. We still talk on the phone and stuff, but it never seems like he really wants to talk to me that much. That bothered me at first, but now I have other things on my mind. I'm feeling a little guilty because on Saturday night I was drinking with my buddies downstairs, which was something I really needed, and I hooked up with a guy that I work with. The only reason I feel bad is because it had only been a week since Nick and I broke up, which isn't very much time at all. However, I do like this guy - I don't plan on us having a relationship or anything; just havin' a good time. Hopefully that wasn't just a one time thing though.

Time to clean my room - gotta love field night

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Evansville, IN [28 Jun 2004|03:06pm]
Well we went on a TAD trip to Evansville, IN from Thursday the 24th 'til Sunday the 27th and it was pretty fun. We had a little opening ceremony concert on Friday morning, a bigger concert that evening, and a little 1.5 mile parade on Saturday at around 5:00 PM. The concert Friday night kicked some major ass, I'll tell you what! We had a lot of liberty time and I took full advantage of that. On Thursday night pretty much the entire band went down to the riverwalk to go to this club called Fast Eddies, but it turns out that you have to be 21 to get in there. So that was a no-go for some of us. We had to go back to the hotel, but even some of the over-aged people came back too, luckily for me. The Enlisted Conductor (SSgt Daniel) and the temporary Plattoon Sergeant (Sgt Schwartz) had me come with them to the bar/lounge in the hotel. So I'm sittin' there shootin' the shit with a couple of guys and the bartender is servin' me almaretto sours (or somtheing like that), which were really really good. By the time we left the bar, they were a bit wasted, but we went up to room 427 anyway - that's the "hospitality" room where all the free food and drinks are, including alcholic beverages. So they wanted free beer and I wanted food. It's actually three hotel rooms (423, 425, & 427), but 427 is where the poker games go on. So we went in there and I watched them play poker until 3:00 AM, when we finally went to bed.
Friday night was spent in 427 again, but our night lasted way longer because we didn't have to get up early on Saturday. So I was in there with Sgt Schwartz, Cpl Horenik, and Cpl Hurst. They played poker until about 3:30 AM and then we decided that we wanted to go swimming, or at least down to the hot tub. We went down there only to discover that it didn't open until 6:00. So we went to Cpl Hurst and Cpl Horenik's room, which was like 128 I think. Sgt Schwart taught us how to play Black Jack and I was kickin' some ass, but unfortunately we weren't playing with money or anything. :( Then we went in the hot tub at six and eventually we all fell asleep sprawled out everywhere and some lady came by sometime and asked us if we were okay and if we needed to call 911. I was asleep, so I didn't know it happened until Sgt Schwartz told me about it. Then we went to our rooms at about 8:00 AM.
On Saturday night we were going to go to the casino, but then we realized that you have to be 21 for that too. (Man, I'm never gonna get a friggin' break!) So once again, our night was spent in 427. LOL. But I was duty driver and had to leave a couple of times. We stayed up there until 9:15 the next morning so that we could pack our stuff and be ready for muster at 9:45. None of us slept until we got on the plane at around 12 or so. It was the same four again, with the addition of Cpl Gaxiola, Sgt Tafolla, and Cpl Martin for half of the night. Cpl Moreno and Lcpl Catinella were in and out of the room. It was another really fun night, even though all I did was watch them play poker. We also played this word game where we take turns saying a word and it has to either rhyme or be related to the previous word. Wow, that was VERY interesting.
The strangest part of this whole weekend was the fact that I sat by Sgt Schwartz pretty much the entire time we were in room 427, and I know if Nick found out then he would be INCREDIBLY jealous and freak out on me, which I can't stand. Sgt Schwartz said that I was by far the coolest boot (new person) there, which was really somethin' coming from him. So yeah, I have a few new friendships with some of my fellow bandsman/Marines, but the most important one is with Sgt Schwartz.
I got to my room here in the barracks about 6 PM because I'm on the stupid loading crew, and I slept until 6 this morning, which kinda makes up for my loss of sleep on Saturday night. Over all, this trip kicked ass!
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the fleet [23 Jun 2004|06:35pm]
Well damn it's been a while since I've written! I've been stationed at Camp Lejeune for a little over a month and I really don't like it much at all. Sometimes it's ok, but most of the time it sucks. I really miss Nick (we've been together since December 13, 2003), but he'll be here in July. Unfortunately I'll be home on leave when he gets here, but I'll see him on the first. And I'll see him before he graduates. Sometimes I drive up to VA to visit him on the weekends, but I haven't been able to lately.
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MCT and SOM [05 Dec 2003|07:09pm]
Well I've been at the School of Music (SOM) for three weeks now and MCT has come and gone. The best thing about MCT was the fact that the plattoons had males and females in them, so we got to train with them. Of course I had my little fling and I miss him a lot. He was so cool. But hey, shit happens man. I got to shoot a lot of different guns, which was one of the best parts about MCT. I shot a machine gun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, my M16A2 service rifle, and I got to throw a live grenade. It was frickin' awesome. I also had to dig a hole into the ground that went up to my armpits, was barely wide enough for me to stand in without getting stuck, and it was the length of two rifles. It was a two-man fighting hole and it took all day to dig. I had to take turns sleeping in that whole with my "buddy" until around midnight and it was freezing cold. That sucked too, but there were some other fun parts. We had this little four-day war thing and some of that was kinda fun. We got to shoot blanks at each other and our NCOs. The last week be basically just cleaned our rifles and hung out in the male barracks. My brother has pictures of me all decked out in cammie paint - check 'em out!

Ok, so here I am at SOM and things are going okay. It feels just like high school again with all the drama and shit every single day. My roommate turned out to be a whore - she was in my plattoon at boot camp and MCT. She's practically engaged, but she's had sex with two other Marines here. She doesn't know that I know, and she didn't tell me because she went behind my back and yadda yadda yadda. See what I mean?? High school ALL over again! But yeah, I'm starting to hook up with a tenor sax player from the Army who is really cute and smells SOOOO good! As for school, it's mostly about practicing. I have to practice 20 hours a week and I have a private lesson every Tuesday. Concert band (I'm in 2 of them) is actually not that bad because everyone is a good player and the music doesn't sound like ass. One of the songs we're playing has "Duel of the Fates," which I enjoy playing because it reminds me of SHS band. YAY! lol

Well I think that about sums it up for now. I'm just glad that I'm able to come here and get on the computer and especially the internet finally.

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...the next step... [19 Oct 2003|11:11am]
Well I've been home for a week and I really wish I could stay longer. Boot camp was a long and exhausting (at times) experience, but I am SO glad that I did it. However, I would never do it again in a million years. I made some awesome friends and I really built my body. I was company high shooter with a score of 230 out of 250. This means that I shoot better than all of the females in our two platoons. The male high shooter only beat my by four points too. It would have been cool to get a higher score than him though. lol.

I went to the Eugene competition with the band yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Garrett is still WAAAAY obsessed with me, even though he's a freshman and I've already graduated. I sat by him on the bus on the way there, but not on the way back. I sat by Apling and then Andy. I really missed all my band kids while I was gone and it is so nice to see them all again. Now I have to leave tomorrow for MCT and the School of Music right after that, which I am excited for. But I still would like to have some more time at home because I have no idea when I get to come home next.

On Friday night I went to Klub Z with Kyrie, Ashlie, Janna, Cory, and Kevin. We met up with Anna and Ricky and we had a pretty good time.

I'm going to Tony Romas for dinner today and I'm excited to see my work buddies. I'm also ready for a buffalo chicken sandwich, which I craved all through boot camp. LOL. Well, talking about all this food is making me hungry again so I'm gonna go eat sumthin.

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1 week! [29 Jun 2003|11:37pm]
I went to the Mariner game today and the blew a 6-2 lead over San Diego and ended up losing 8-6. The Padres scored 6 runs in the 9th!! Stupid stupid stupid. It was still a lot of fun though. I like baseball pants! :-D

Friday night was my last day of work and I'm really gonna miss my co-workers. I luv Ashley and Davey so much and it sucks cuz I just got to be close friends with them. Grrrr. I wish I wasn't leaving til like next spring! OMG, 1 week from now I'll be staying in a hotel, preparing to go to MEPS the next day. Sheesh. So anway, my last day of work... Josh was like, "man, we never hd sex. All those missed opportunities." I was just like, "yep." Man, him and Chris are always hitting on me. Granted, Chris IS a hotty but he's USED. Davey and I flirt the most out of the whole lot. We always hit each other and crack sexual jokes. It's fun!

On Saturday I had to work at a garage sale all day, along with some of the other recruits. It was me, Winkle, Phelps (Braden), and....God, I can't remember the other guy's name!......crap, oh well. Talk about sexual innuendos! It took me a while to get comfortable enough around them to bring out my rebel child, but it finally came out when just me and Braden were there. The other two went to dump some stuff at Goodwill. Even though it was incredibly hot, I still had a pretty good time making conversation with the recruits. I'm the next one to leave!

Well that's enough for right now. Adios!

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Less than two weeks [27 Jun 2003|02:13am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well I leave for boot camp in less than two weeks. God I can't believe it's almost here already. I have so much to do - get in shape and memorize a bunch of knowledge. It's a lot of work but I need to make sure I get it all done. I really do hate running long distances though. I had to run a mile and a half in under 15 minutes and I made it in 13:52, but I felt like I was gonna either puke or pass out. Maybe even both. It sucked! I have GOT to get into better shape than this if I expect to do well. I need to work my abs and my arms also, cuz pushups are a major bitch!

Well, the party at Kim's was alright. Me, Barbara, Kyrie, Abbie, and Sam all tagged Pruitt's car as well as Lisa McQueery's car. Josh's was just a joke, but they were mean when it came to Lisa's car. I didn't actually do any of it because I was video taping. Abbie was really loud when we were at Lisa's, so the dog started barking and they all came outside. We had to book it and I wasn't even thinking because I was trying to get the light on the camera turned off, so I just hid across the street behind a Dodge Durango while everyone else hopped in the car and drove off. Yeah I thought I was gonna get caught because it was hard to hide. I had to finally just come out and act like I didn't know what was going on. The family had just gone back inside and when I went to the sidewalk, there was my group of kids looking for me. So when I met up with them we took off. The worst part was that the people next door to where I was hiding were leaving for some trip, so I could have been spotted by them also. It also meant that I couldn't sneak across their lawn to get out of in front of Lisa's house. My heart was pounding through the whole thing, but at least it turned out ok in the end! Plus, I got some of it on tape. Bwahahaha!

The thing at Sueann's on Saturday was not very fun at all. Well it was ok I guess. I got a little tipsy, even though Ben thought I was drunk. I always act more drunk than I really am. I don't know why, but I do. He was dissapointed because there wasn't any more alcohol around and we didn't know where to get some. I called Brian and asked for Andy's number. He said he didn't have it, but I know that's a HUGE lie. Fucker. God I really hate him sometimes. Me, Ashlie, and Sueann had to pee so we went to Del Taco to use the bathrooms but they were closed. Ben and Sueann's friend Anna were sitting in the car and Ben decided to lock the doors. Sueann stayed there and tried to convince Ben to unlock the doors but Ashlie and I thought Ben was a dumbass (which he is) and we didn't want to give him the satisfaction of pissing us off, so we decided to head over to Carl's Jr. and use their potty. That was a fun trip across the parking lot, actually. And since Ben is a retard they didn't follow us across Walmart's parking lot, so they lost us. At least he had enough brains to call me on my cell -- good thing I grabbed it out of the car! Ash and I talked to Jen at Carl's Jr. until they came and got us. The funny thing is that the night before that was the infamous tagging incident and we all went to Carl's Jr. and talked to Jen about it. So we reminisced about that. It was fun.

Sheesh that was a lot of writing. I'm not sure if I have much else to write about. OH WAIT! Yesterday was Jordan's 16th birthday and his parents rented a Hummer Limmo and all of us high schoolers (and recent graduates) got to ride in it for 45 minutes before going to Applebee's. It was soooo awesome! I want one to keep! Jordan goes to my youth group and I went to prom with him last year. He's a really cool guy. That leads me to his best friend Miles, who also goes to our Youth Group. I have recently started to become interested in Miles, since I am (hopefully) through with Brian. It's hard for me to figure him out because I have only hung out with him at church. Those who know me know that I am different at church than I am normally. I think he might be too. He's a little young (16), but then again I've always gone for the young ones. It's not like it matters anyway, because I'm leaving soon and there's no way I'll even try to start anything. That kinda sucks, but it's good at the same time.

Ok, now it's time to get to bed. It's like 2:30 in the morning and I'm wide awake. And I really feel like typing for some reason. Perhaps it's because I'm on my new laptop!! :-D Well goodnight!


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yay for summer [19 Jun 2003|10:14pm]
I'm so glad school is out, even though I'll miss all my buds. I graduated on Monday night and then I went to the Sr. Party. I hung out with David Alexander most of the time because neither one of us had our regular group of friends with us. We were bus buddies. Yay! LOL. First we went to this athletic club in like Hillsboro. It was a lot of fun. I got a henna tattoo, gambled, and played on the big blow-up things. I won a free oil change and an Athlete's Corner t-shirt. Woohoo. Big winner here! haha. Then we went on the Portland Spirit at like 4 in the morning. Portland was so pretty and peaceful! There was karaoke on the 1st floor and a dance floor on the 2nd floor. The 3rd level was the deck outside. David and I spent most of our time out there. It was really nice. Of course there was a lot of food throughout the whole trip, so we were both happy. :-D

Tomorrow night I am going with Kyrie to a party at Kim's house. There will be parentals around, so I think that means no alcohol. But I'm sure Kim and Barbara have found some way around that! It will be fun. Those girls are so funny! Then on Saturday night I'm supposed to party at Sueann's house. It's all Ben's idea. He really wants to see me drunk for some reason. No Ben, you aren't getting any action that night from any of us girs. Well, I don't know about Sueann, but definately not from me or Kyrie! Eeeew I just don't have any attraction to him at all. I've heard girls say that they think he's hot, but I really don't think he's even that cute. Ugh, and he's so full of himself and JUDGEMENTAL beyond belief! Oh well, I hope Brian comes on Saturday, as long as he doesn't get up all over Sueann. And if he does, she better push him away.

Well, that's about all that's goin on. Adios.

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Long time no see [15 Jun 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]

God I really need to update this thing more often. I hate having to remember what happened two months ago!

Well, the band went to Canada on like May 17th or something. I was in the room across the hall from Brian, which worked to my advantage. ;) However, he was still an asshole even after I gave him some action (with three other people in the room, I might add). So I was mad off and on because he's always an asshole and I really don't see why I let him do this to me. I spent a lot of time with Cory and Drew - TENOR BROTHERS! They are a lot of fun and I will miss them when I go off to boot camp. Haha, Zach Campbell got whipped by some lesbian in a park. I got pictures of it. It was SOOO funny, and he actually liked it! I'm gonna have to buy him a whip. HEHEHE. Man, almost the whole band got sick on the boat ride to Victoria from Seattle. I had to take Dramamine on the ride back home - I slept the entire boat trip. But it was a fun time and I'm glad I went on the trip. There were lots of sights to see and we had to make our own fun. It was a good time though.

So about a week and a half ago I was at Cody's with him, Janna, and Brian. We were all in Cody's room and I was messing around with Brian while Cody and Janna were messing around a little. So guess what? Brian and I went into Brooke's room and finished the job. Yes, that makes the grand total 3.

On Friday night I went dancing at Klub Z with Beamguard and a group of band kids. We went there because Beamguard is gay and Janna is bi. It was still a lot of fun. Plus, gay people are way nicer than straight people. Seriously! But I had a little too much to drink and called up Brian and left a stupid message on his phone. It was funny at the time, but he was annoyed. I really don't fkn care though. It's weird how I honestly have no more feelings for him. He's hurt me too many times for me to continue caring for him. The worst part about it is that I would still sleep with him if the chance came up. God I am so dumb!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I leave in 21 days and will probably never see him again. I may as well make the most of my time left.

Yeah so now I'm tired cuz I worked today and is Father's Day. My feet hurt and I miss my work buddies. They are nicer than the boys at my school. I'm going to bed now. Oh yeah, I graduate tomorrow! GO CLASS OF 2003!

p.s. I had to rewrite some of this because I put FLORIDA instead of CANADA at first. Sorry Anna! Oh, I leave for boot camp on July 7.


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I'm 18!! [27 Apr 2003|08:20am]
Well, I've been 18 for about two weeks and I still feel the same. Lol. I didn't really do anything for my birthday because i had to wor.:( But I did go party with Anna Ramey. We had to sneak out of her house and didn't get back til 5:30 or so. It was fun though.

Sooo a lot has happened since I last wrote in here, including something pretty big. Brian and I are, well, kinda hooked up. We have like an unofficial relationship, which kinda sucks because we have to just act like friends when we're at school. But four days ago I lost my viriginity to him. Yeah, you're shocked huh?! I don't regret it though. I've been in love with this boy since the beginning of the year pretty much. We decided not to be bf/gf, so it's just gonna be a physical thing I guess. Whatever, as long as he doesn't sleep with someone else I'm fine.

Man, Prom is in two weeks and Erin doesn't have a date yet! Most people assume that I'm going with Brian, which I'm not. I wanna go with Josh because he is one of my best friends and we always have so much fun at dances. But he knows about Brian and is disappointed in me. Hopefully Kyrie will mention something about Prom to him. She needs a date too though.

I'm ready to stop typing now so have a good day. Adios!

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Ben and stuff [18 Mar 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yes, Ben and I are still not speaking to each other. I can't stand how immature he is about this. When I get in fights with people, I'm usually over it by the next day. Why can't he be the same?? Jeez -- Get over it already!!!!!!!!

Soooo wanna know something funny? There is an eighth grader (well actually, two) who helps move props at the drum show and he is in love with me. It's soooo cute, but not cu at the same time. Umm he's a weeeeeeeee bit too young for me. LOL. It's kinda funny though. He and Claudio were arguing over who was gonna sit by me on the bus. I was like "I'm sittingwith Krie......" But I ended up getting squished between them. Hahaha. so yeah, this boy was trying to put the moves on me. It was hilarious. But it made me feel important. LOL. Ahhh it makes me laugh. Sorry kid, maybe in a few years!!

We won our first softball game yesterday against St. Marys. I even got a base hit. WOOHOO! We won 5-0. t was freezing and raining, but hey, a win's a win!

So I gotta get ready for drum practice now. Talk later. Adios!


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life sucks [11 Mar 2003|10:13pm]
Wow, I really should keep up with this journal thing! I hate having to remember all that has happened. There is just too much.

Well, Tolo was last Saturday and I went with David Alexander. The theme was rock star and it was pretty fun.

Brian and I still have a weird type of friendship. Sometimes he'll talk a lot and then sometimes he never talks at all. God, I hate it when he does that. He can be the biggest asshole and then be the funnest guy to be around. He's just like a girl! And I hate it when I can't tell if he's serious or not. ARGH!

Ben and I are in a fight right now. He overreacts all the time! We had one of our midnight talks again two nights ago and we let out a lot, like always. He told me that he's gonna have sex with this girl Stephanie this week probably and I told Randy that I heard that she liked Ben. That's it! Then Randy told Stephanie and she talked to Ben, so now Ben makes it out like I'm telling everyone all of his secrets. So you know what he did? He told Brian a lot of stuff I told him. These are REALLY personal things too; things that he said he wouldn't tell Brian. God damn FKN liar! I HATE YOU! At least Brian is cool about it though. He gives me a hard time, but all in good fun.

But now i'm tired so i'll hopefully remember to update this soon. Adios!

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I should write more often [15 Dec 2002|12:36am]
It's really hard keeping up with this joural thing. So much has happened -- I don't want to miss anything!

I know that last entry was all happy and things seemed to be going my way, but it is all turned around now. *sigh* Of course, because my life always turns to $hit as soon as it seems to be getting on track. Okay, here's the story:

Brian and I had our little fling (oh, and i never did sneak out) and then we still didn't talk much at school. He said that he didn't want people suspecting anything. Oh no Brian, they might think we're friends!!! Then he randomly bitched me out online for some unknown reason and told me to leave him alone and never talk to him. I talked to Chris Larson about it, and he talked to Brian. Apparantly, Brian told him that he was tired of being the one to initiate the conversation. He wants me to come up to him and talk. That's such BS, because I'm always the one who talks to him first! Plus, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of him telling me to STOP talking to him? Grr, he's so confusing sometimes! So we didn't talk at all for probably 3 days. It was bad. He purpoely avoided me whenever he could. He was really fkn pissing me off!! I had no idea why he was mad, except for that bs he told Chris. And then one day I said hi to him online (I was afraid of his response), and he acted like nothing had happened. I asked him why he was acting like hat on the internet and he said that he was just having a bad day. Whatever! That's no reason to get pissed at me! Fkr!

But now we're on good terms again. He actually called me just to talk about random stuff. It's nice to have our regular friendship back. OH SHOOT, I FORGOT SOMETHING!! Before this whole thing happened, I got in a fight wih Brian online. It's all Cody's fault (a frosh drummer). He told Bian that I want to go out with him and then Brian told me that he liked me as a friend. And then I got pissed because Brian fkn used me like a piece of meat. This was the first time that I had my heart broken. Seriously, I liked him so much and he knew it. He used my feelings for his own advantage. I hate boys sometimes! I basically told him that nothing was gonna happen between us anymore because I don't play that game. I'm not sleezy, nor will I let him make me that way. He's the guy I've done the most with and vice versa. I told him that he should have just told me that he wanted to be friends with benefits. It would have made things a lot easier for both of us.

Okay now I'm in a crappy mood -- time to move on.

I got asked to Winter Formal yesterday! Matt Halldorson asked me. I only like him as a friend, so I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea. I'm pretty sure he doesn't, but you never know...

I saw the movie "Drumline' today with Josh Pruitt. It was actually pretty good. It didn't deface marching bad at all. YAY! I really like hanging out with Josh. He'sone of my best guy friends. Oh $hit, this is how it started with Brian. NO ERIN, NO!!

Well I'm tired. Adios!

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Brian Brian Brian [17 Nov 2002|12:04am]
So one thing has been on my mind lately: BRIAN! Wow, things have progressed dramatically ever since the busride home from Championships. On thursday there was a cleaning party in the band room that I was supposed to go to, but I went to Brian's instead. We finally kissed! Ah, I was in heaven. It was weird at first because we talked about it beforehand. I was over there for two hours just talkin and stuff...don't worry, nothing REALLY bad happened because I "need to b fixed." Yeah you wouldn't get it becase it's a thing between me and Brian. Just pretend I never said that. So things are going exceptional with me and Brian besides the fact that we aren't telling anyone about our flings. I wish we would just hook up for real though. I'm tired of pretending there's nothing between. And I REALLY wish Sueanne would find out through the grapevine, only I don't want Brian knowing that I told Kyrie. These just aren't things I can keep to myself!!

So there was a dance last night - it was one of those informal ones where you go with your friends. There weren't many people there, but we had fun for the most part. It was me, Kyrie, Apling, Randy, Josh, Bethany, Kimmy, Erik, Chavez, Sarah, Allison, and Sueanne was there too but not with us much. She dances like a hoochie. Well, it's not like I was completely innocent either. I freak danced with Josh and Randy. Actually, I slow danced with them too. No worries Brian, we're just friends! :-D Oh yeah, Kyrie and I left a note on Brian's car after the dance on the way to drop her off. We felt bad for not hanging out with him and Cory. I wish I would have because I missed him!

So hopefully my mom will get home soon because I'm wanting to go over to Eddie's because Ben and Brian are there. I could care less about Ben, but I wanna see Brian. I haven't seen him all day! SHE SHOULD BE HOME BY NOW!!

Well that's it for now. I'll update you on how the sneaking out went. Adios!

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Championships [11 Nov 2002|05:12pm]
Evergreen won Championships - what a surprise! Ugh, it pisses me off so much. They aren't really that good. We got fourth in prelims and second in finals, so I'm proud of that. But still, I wish it would have been anyone else besides Evergreen. Just what they need - something else to boast about. Grr. But hey, we beat Grant's Pass!

Besides the rain and cod weather, I had a really good time. Brian sat by me on the way to the mall for dinner and on the way home. We shared my blanket....that's all that needs to be said. ;)

New subject ~*~
All of us seniors went over to Matt Hallderson's house today and watched all of the shows from the past three years. It was hilarious to see how bad we were freshmen year. Oh wow! *shudder* But we all ha a really good time. It was fun.

And now I'm off to choir practice so I'll write later. Adios!

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